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Introducing Canopy: DigitalC's Next Chapter in Cleveland's Digital Transformation

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Cleveland, Ohio - 6 December 2023

In the dynamic world of technology, change is not just inevitable but necessary for progress. DigitalC, the driving force behind Cleveland's digital transformation, is excited to announce a new brand of superior internet, Canopy, Powered by DigitalC.

As you may know, DigitalC is busy building a new citywide state-of-the-art network to provide superior internet to Cleveland. In conjunction with the launch of this network, on January 1, 2024, DigitalC will phase out the internet brand EmpowerCLE+ and usher in a new era with Canopy.

With this new brand, DigitalC is committed more than ever to providing superior internet throughout Cleveland. We've taken valuable insights from our experience with EmpowerCLE+ and used that knowledge to enhance our technology, service, and speeds. This journey has resulted in Canopy, the high-speed internet service Clevelanders deserve.

The rebranding of EmpowerCLE+ to Canopy marks a new chapter in our mission to bridge the digital divide - for good. Canopy will provide Cleveland with high-speed internet access for just $18/month - no gimmicks

EmpowerCLE+ served as a great starting point for our mission, offering a foundation for increasing internet access in Cleveland. However, Canopy represents a significant leap forward in terms of both next-generation technology and comprehensive coverage with signals that navigate the heavy tree canopies in the city and circumvent obstructions to reach homes.

So, why Canopy? The name reflects our vision for the future of internet access in Cleveland. Our citywide network will blanket the city like a canopy, providing residents with seamless access to fast and reliable internet for just $18/mo. Cleveland, Canopy has you covered!

The transition from EmpowerCLE+ to Canopy is not just a name change; it's a testament to DigitalC's commitment to innovation and providing the best possible internet to the Cleveland community. This is a product built by Cleveland, for Cleveland. We believe that access to high-speed internet is a fundamental right, and Canopy is our way of ensuring that every Cleveland resident can fully participate in the digital world. Canopy solves for affordability without compromising quality.  

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to join us in embracing this positive change and look forward to creating a digitally equitable future powered by Canopy. 

Canopy is now available in the Glenville and Fairfax neighborhoods of Cleveland. Sign up for service or join the waitlist by completing this form.

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