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Enjoy Hearty Cuisine at the Hive
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Culinary Selections

Step into the heart of the Hive Cafe's culinary experience with our diverse dining options, designed to cater to you. Whether you are joining us in-house or planning a special event, our menus are crafted with health, flavor, and innovation in mind

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Chef Stacey

Chef Stacey Stoudemire, a celebrated chef and the dynamic force behind the Hive Cafe located in the heart of Cleveland at the MidTown Tech Hive, embodies the innovative spirit of DigitalC. As the operator of this unique culinary destination, Chef Stacey has seamlessly blended her extensive background in catering with her passion for health-conscious cuisine to create a menu to fuel the forward-thinking and tech-driven atmosphere of its location. Her journey from founding Simply Elegant Catering to pioneering a shift towards organic and sustainable ingredients reflects a commitment to not just excellence in gastronomy but also to fostering a healthier community.


Under Chef Stacey's stewardship, the Hive Cafe has become more than just a place to eat; it's a symbol of how traditional practices can be reimagined for the betterment of society. Much like DigitalC's efforts to transform Cleveland through digital literacy and connectivity, Chef Stacey has transformed the concept of dining within the tech hub into an experience that educates and inspires. Her story of overcoming a genetic predisposition to heart disease through diet and lifestyle changes is a testament to her resilience and dedication to well-being. By integrating heart-healthy menus, Chef Stacey not only enhances the dining experience at the Hive Cafe but also echoes DigitalC's vision of creating a community that is informed, engaged, and thriving.

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