$18/Mo. Internet! Canopy is available now in Cleveland, Ohio. Fast speeds - no gimmicks. Call 216-777-3859 or see details.



We are covering Cleveland with high-speed internet at $18/month.
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Tailored digital skills training, easily accessible.
Level Up Your Digital Skills
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Your hub for collaboration and community.


Savor the buzz of creativity and cuisine.
Enjoy Hearty Cuisine At The Hive
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Without the internet, you are out of the loop. I have been a subscriber for almost four years - better internet for $18 a month. I signed up right away. Fast internet at a reasonable price. I am here to tell you guys that this is for real. It’s the real thing at a price that everyone can afford.

Drew Leff

Canopy, Powered By DigitalC | Subscriber


DigitalC was a key to my growth on social media, I was able to upload and download online all at high speeds. I love it because it's for the city of Cleveland. I'm glad they're here and I encourage everyone to get this internet because it's high speed and affordable. It's what our neighborhood needs.

Wayne Bell

Canopy, Powered By DigitalC | Subscriber

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When I called, I thought it was a joke. I was like, 'No way can they deliver that kind of service for that price.' YES THEY CAN!

Victoria Trotter

Canopy, Powered by DigitalC | Subscriber

Nathan Esther

We’ve been very satisfied with their affordability. That was one of the primary draws when we first got the advertisement that made us reconsider our current internet provider and made us decide to switch.

Nathan & Esther

Canopy, Powered by DigitalC | Subscriber

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We saw an advertisement in the Fairfax Flyer, so we inquired, and we found out the price is very reasonable. Once we got it installed, we were very satisfied and we haven’t had any problem since.

The Wilsons

Canopy, Powered by DigitalC | Subscriber


who we are

DigitalC, Cleveland’s choice for premier internet, is headquartered at the MidTown Tech Hive in Cleveland, Ohio’s Hough neighborhood. DigitalC’s vision is to change the world one connection at a time by offering superior internet, accessible community space, and tailored digital skills training to ensure an equitable digital future. We’re on a mission to deploy a premier, state-of-the-art network that is affordable, reliable, and sustainable to bridge the digital divide - for good.



Charging through the streets of Cleveland with unstoppable energy, the DigitalC team reveled in the festivities of the 11th Congressional District Labor Day Parade! Our ears were open, and the message was clear: Cleveland residents are buzzing with excitement for this game-changing tech in their neighborhoods.


Right next door to the historic Dunham Tavern Museum, DigitalC’s headquarters stands, embodying the spirit of endurance and legacy. We're not just building a network; we're crafting a digital fortress designed to last, mirroring our neighbor's timeless resilience. Here's to long-term vision and iron-clad connectivity that outlives trends and transient tech. We're in this for the long haul, forging a future where our community thrives on connections that endure.


From the historic streets of Hough, where resilience echoes in every corner, DigitalC innovates with unyielding determination. Here in the heart of Cleveland, amidst a legacy of strength and rebirth, we're headquartered with purpose. We draw inspiration from Hough's rich history, channeling its tenacity into every fiber of our digital innovations.


In the vibrant streets of MidTown, where the Cleveland Walls murals splash color and creativity on every surface, DigitalC mirrors this artistic fervor in the digital realm. Just as these murals transform bland walls into masterpieces, we're revolutionizing the mundane into the extraordinary with our digital solutions. Our mission resonates with the boldness of these artworks - vivid, impactful, unapologetic.

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