$18/Mo. Internet! Canopy is available now in Cleveland, Ohio. Fast speeds - no gimmicks. Call 216-777-3859 or see details.


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Canopy CMSD

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) and DigitalC have embarked on a transformative partnership to bring the Canopy home internet service—offering unmatched value and premium connectivity—to CMSD families at no cost. This collaboration is dedicated to ensuring that every scholar has access to superior internet experience at home, breaking down barriers to digital access and fostering an environment where education can thrive. High speeds support multiple devices and can reach up to 200 Mbps for uploads and 100 Mbps for downloads.

Check for Service

Availability Selections: From In-House Cafe to Catering

Canopy, powered by DigitalC, is set to become available to all CMSD households as the service rolls out across neighborhoods. With a citywide network deployment already underway, we're working diligently to cover all of Cleveland within approximately 18 months, ensuring that every family has access to the high-quality internet they deserve.

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Why Canopy?

Canopy stands apart as the premier internet choice for Cleveland, designed with families in mind. Offering amazing upload and download speeds at no cost to CMSD families, Canopy is not just about getting online; it's about opening doors to educational resources, opportunities, and a future without limits. Experience the internet you deserve with Canopy, where superior speed meets unparalleled value.

The Installation Process

Scheduling Your Installation:

Once Canopy becomes available in your neighborhood, DigitalC's team will reach out to schedule a convenient time for installation. Be sure  you do not miss this opportunity by joining our waitlist today.

Professional Installation:

Our professional installers will visit your home to set up the necessary equipment, ensuring you have everything you need for a seamless internet experience.

Enjoy Unmatched Connectivity:

After installation, your family will immediately enjoy the benefits of Canopy’s premium connectivity, fostering a conducive learning environment for CMSD scholars right at home.

We've Got Scholars Covered


Scholars connected to high-quality internet at home.


Cleveland households received a subsidy to cover the cost of quality internet at home.


Devices distributed to scholars and parents.


Digital skilling training classes hosted with scholars annually.


How do I know if Canopy is available in my neighborhood?

As Canopy rolls out across Cleveland, DigitalC may contact CMSD households directly. You can also proactively join our waitlist to be among the first to know.

What does the Canopy service cost for CMSD families?

Canopy is provided at no cost to CMSD families, ensuring every scholar has access to superior internet at home.

What are the speeds offered by Canopy?

Canopy offers amazing upload and download speeds (minimum 100 Mbps),  providing a premium internet experience suitable for educational needs and beyond.

How can I schedule my Canopy installation?

DigitalC may reach out to schedule your installation once Canopy is available in your area. Alternatively, you can call 216-777-3859 or visit our website to join the waitlist.

Why was DigitalC chosen to partner with CMSD?

DigitalC, being the only internet service provider headquartered in Cleveland, is deeply committed to the community and uniquely positioned to deliver a superior internet experience to CMSD families, supporting equity, education and growth in Cleveland.