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Level Up Your Digital Skills
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Click Services

In a city powered by the best internet in Cleveland, DigitalC's Click Program stands at the forefront of digital empowerment. Through Click, we offer tailored digital skills training designed to empower individuals and communities. Whether you are seeking to enhance your career, navigate the digital world with confidence, or leverage technology for your business, Click provides the tools and guidance you need. Our customized programs are crafted to meet you where you are on your digital journey, ensuring that every learner, regardless of their starting point, can achieve their digital potential. Join us at Click, and take the first step towards unlocking a world of digital opportunities. Yes, you can!

Digital Clinics: Ask, Learn and Connect

DigitalC's Digital Clinics offer residents a welcoming space to ask any tech-related question and learn how to use their digital devices. From basic troubleshooting to hands-on guidance, our clinics are your go-to resource for tech assistance. Available at multiple locations and online, ensuring help is always within reach.

Computer Fundamentals: Master the Basics

Our 5-week Computer Fundamentals course demystifies the digital world, introducing you to the essential parts and features of computers. Learn about hardware, software, file management, and cybersecurity in a supportive environment designed for new learners. Commitment to all sessions required for a comprehensive understanding.

Internet Fundamentals: Navigate the Web with Confidence

In just 2-3 weeks, Internet Fundamentals will have you browsing online like a pro. Discover the ins and outs of web browsers, internet safety, and cybersecurity, equipping you for both personal and professional online navigation.

Email Fundamentals: Email with Ease

Our Email Fundamentals course covers everything from setting up an account to understanding email etiquette and security. In 2-3 weeks, learn to communicate effectively and safely in the digital age, spotting email scams and phishing attempts along the way.

Productivity Software: Boost Your Skills

Dive into our 4-week courses on Document, Spreadsheet, and PowerPoint Fundamentals. Whether you're creating professional documents, managing data in spreadsheets, or designing engaging presentations, these courses will enhance your proficiency and productivity with hands-on learning experiences.

Workforce Fridays: Advance Your Career

Offered on the last Friday of the month, Workforce Fridays provide one-on-one career development assistance, from resume crafting to creating impactful online profiles. Join us at the MidTown TechHive for personalized support that propels your career forward.

Digital Skills Training


Step into the digital future with Click—DigitalC's tailored digital skills training program. Explore our calendar for upcoming training and start enhancing your digital literacy and capabilities. Unlock opportunity with Click!

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Virtual and In-Person Digital Clinic



Zoom and MidTown Tech Hive

Digital Training Tips


What are Digital Clinics, and how can I participate?

Digital Clinics are open sessions where Cleveland residents can receive assistance with any technology-related questions or learn how to use their digital devices. You can participate by dropping in during the clinic hours at designated locations including the Tech Hive, Kovacic Rec Center, UH Glenville, and online via Zoom. No prior registration is required for drop-in clinics.

Do I need to attend all sessions of a Fundamentals class?

Yes, to gain the full benefit of our comprehensive learning experience, we require participants to attend all sessions of the Computer, Internet, Email, Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations Fundamentals courses. Each course is designed to build upon the previous session's knowledge.

Are there any costs associated with Click services?

Click services, including Digital Clinics and Fundamentals classes, are offered to the public free of charge. Our goal is to promote digital literacy and accessibility for all Cleveland residents, eliminating barriers to technology education.

What is Workforce Fridays, and how can it help me in my career development?

Workforce Fridays is a service offered on the last Friday of each month, providing one-on-one assistance with career development tasks such as resume writing, crafting cover letters, and creating online professional profiles. This service is designed to support individuals looking to enhance their employability and career prospects. Drop in at the MidTown TechHive between 11 am and noon to take advantage of this opportunity.