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At DigitalC, headquartered at the MidTown Tech Hive in Cleveland's Hough neighborhood, we are not just delivering the best internet in Cleveland; we are creating a workspace that embodies innovation and community. As the city's premier internet service provider, our team enjoys amenities like the Hive Cafe, ample parking, and access to the Hyperlink event series, all within a space where technology and culture converge to inspire change.

Join us in a setting that transcends the typical office, offering a collaborative environment designed to foster creativity and digital inclusion. Here, you're part of a mission to bridge Cleveland's digital divide - for good, leveraging the unique benefits of working at the heart of the city's tech innovation hub. Dive into a role at DigitalC and contribute to shaping a digitally equitable Cleveland.

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Associate Network Field Technician

Cleveland, Ohio

We are seeking an enthusiastic and capable Associate Network Field Technician to join our dynamic team. This role involves supporting the Network Field Operations team in executing network-related projects with a focus on efficiency and adherence to budgets. The ideal candidate will have a basic understanding of computer and IP networking technologies, applying these skills in various field operations...

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Senior Network Field Technician

Cleveland, Ohio

We are seeking a dynamic and skilled Senior Network Field Technician to join our team. This vital role focuses on leading the Network Field Operations team and managing MDU and network-related projects, ensuring they are executed efficiently and within budget. The ideal candidate will bring extensive knowledge of MDU based installations, computers and IP networking, applying these skills in varied field operations. Responsibilities include developing and refining internal processes for better workflow, training and mentoring and leading team members, and collaborating with leadership for resource allocation.

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Community Outreach & Training Manager

Cleveland, Ohio

As the Community Outreach & Training Manager, you will play a pivotal role in enhancing DigitalC’s impact within the community through strategic outreach and educational initiatives. This role involves direct interaction with the community to promote digital inclusion and literacy, manage our educational programs, and support our premier internet service, Canopy. You will be instrumental in planning and executing events, workshops, and training sessions that align with our mission to bridge the digital divide. 

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Field Tech Associate

Cleveland, Ohio

We are seeking Field Tech Associate who will play a critical role in ensuring the installation and maintenance of our internet services. This position will be responsible for routing cables on the exterior of buildings, operating a variety of power and hand tools, troubleshooting networking issues, and providing excellent customer service. No prior industry experience is required, but candidates with relevant installation experience or certifications will be prioritized.

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Benefits & Perks

Comprehensive Health Benefits

Join DigitalC and enjoy extensive health benefits that cover medical, dental, and vision insurance, ensuring you and your family's well-being.

Future Financial Security

Secure your future with our 401(k) plan, featuring a company match for full-time employees. At DigitalC, we're committed to helping you build a solid foundation for retirement.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Balance is key to success. DigitalC supports this with generous Paid Time Off (PTO) policies, empowering our team to rest, rejuvenate, and pursue passions outside of work.

Celebrating Holidays

Celebrate life's moments with paid holidays at DigitalC. We recognize the importance of spending time with loved ones during special occasions and ensure you can do just that.

Engaging Company Gatherings

Be part of a community that thrives together. DigitalC hosts regular company gatherings, fostering a culture of connectivity and camaraderie.

Continuous Learning Opportunities

Grow with us through continuous learning opportunities. DigitalC is dedicated to your professional development, offering training to enhance your skills and knowledge.



“What initially attracted me to DigitalC was the mission and the people. Before working at DigitalC, I did not realize how extensive the digital divide was in Cleveland and the impact it had on the community. I feel honored to be a part of this groundbreaking movement and to be on the DigitalC team. I remember the first time visiting the MidTown Tech Hive for my interview; I felt an instant connection with the people. DigitalC has exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised by how well everyone worked together, and my connection to the team is not only on a professional level but personal as well."

Keshia Mcclendon

Senior Accountant