$18/Mo. Internet! Canopy is available now in Cleveland, Ohio. Fast speeds - no gimmicks. Call 216-777-3859 or see details.


fast speeds. no fees.

Superior Internet for $18/Month
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Per month

  • Ultra-Fast Upload and Download Speeds: Experience blazing speeds for all your internet needs, whether streaming, gaming, or working from home. Say goodbye to buffering and slow downloads with our state-of-the-art technology.
  • Complimentary Installation Service: Enjoy a hassle-free start with our free installation. Our expert team will set up your internet connection, ensuring a smooth and efficient process without any additional costs.
  • Absolutely No Hidden Fees: Transparency is key – with Canopy Internet, what you see is what you get. No unexpected charges, no additional fees. Just straightforward, reliable internet service.


Canopy Features

Pinnacle Connectivity Initiative

The Pinnacle Connectivity Initiative is a four-year initiative that embodies DigitalC’s efforts to eradicate the digital divide, ensuring high-speed internet access and digital skills training for all, backed by a coalition of public, private, and philanthropic entities.

HybridX6 Technology

HybridX6 represents boldly fused technology delivering unrivaled internet performance. Experience connectivity like never before, where next-generation technology meets relentless speed and reliability.

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Dedicated to Cleveland

As a home-grown service, we are deeply committed to enhancing the online experience of our local community. Join the Canopy family and be a part of a service that's tailor-made for Cleveland.

Local Customer Service

Our customer service is not only local, it's powered by the Cleveland Sight Center, ensuring compassionate, knowledgeable, and community-focused support. Get help from people who truly understand and are invested in the Cleveland community.



The price was very reasonable. Once we got the internet installed, we were very satisfied. We have not had any problems since. The price is excellent, and the service has been great. We are so happy that we changed to DigitalC.


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What speeds can I expect with Canopy?

Canopy Internet offers ultra-fast upload and download speeds, ideal for streaming, gaming, and seamless online work. Our advanced technology ensures that you get minimum 100/100 Mbps speeds for all your internet needs.

How much does installation cost?

Installation of Canopy Internet is completely free. Our professional team will handle the setup process efficiently at no extra charge, ensuring you have a smooth start to your high-speed internet experience.

Are there any hidden fees or additional costs with Canopy?

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on transparency. With Canopy Internet, there are no hidden fees, no additional costs, and no surprises. The price you see is the price you pay.

What makes Canopy Internet unique in the Cleveland area?

Canopy Internet is uniquely designed for the Cleveland community, built by Clevelanders, for Clevelanders. This local focus ensures a network that is tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of our community, providing a more personalized internet experience.

How does Canopy handle customer service?

Our customer service is locally powered by the Cleveland Sight Center, ensuring that you receive community-focused support from people who understand and are invested in the Cleveland area. This partnership allows us to provide compassionate, knowledgeable, and effective customer service to all our users.

How does my home get Canopy internet service?

During your install appointment, DigitalC will need to install a small antenna on your home. This process involves drilling a small hole into the façade, no larger than a dime. Rest assured, we will caulk and weatherproof the area to ensure no impact on your home's exterior.

What will my first bill look like?

New customers should expect pro-rated charges on their first month's invoice. Our billing cycles run from the 20th to the 20th and are billed for the future month rather than the past month like many other utility bills. That means if someone were installed on January 1st, they would receive their first invoice notice in February. 

Your first bill is usually about $30 including prorated charges, then $18 per month going forward after the first billing cycle.

How do I pay my bill?

You can pay online:

You will need your Customer ID number as well as your customer portal password. You can recover your customer portal password through the portal so long as you have your Customer ID and access to the email on your account. Customer ID can be found in your Welcome Email or at the top right of your customer invoice.
A manual password recovery process can be initiated with a ticket submission.

You can pay with check via mail:
Mail check made out to DigitalC to
6815 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland OH, 44103
Include your customer ID from the top right of your invoice in the check’s memo.

You can pay with a check in person:
Bring a check made out to DigitalC to
6815 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland OH, 44103
Bring your invoice if you’re able to.