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Who we are

At DigitalC, as Cleveland’s premier choice for internet, we epitomize the essence of a legendary and disruptive force in the telecommunications and technology sectors. We represent a thrilling mix of allure and audacity, infusing excitement into every initiative. Boasting a unique combination of expertise and an unmatched competitive spirit, we transcend the traditional boundaries of a nonprofit technology social enterprise to operate as a transformative mission-focused business.

Our commitment is to make the best internet in Cleveland accessible and ubiquitous, tearing down barriers with our revolutionary approach. DigitalC is not just a name; it's a pledge to be bold, knowledgeable, innovative, and omnipresent. We are on a quest to shape the future by redefining connectivity and creating an equitable digital future, one connection at a time.


Internet Service Provider Headquartered in Cleveland.


Team Members Connecting Cleveland


MBPS Minimum Speeds Across Our Network



DigitalC’s mission is to deploy a premier, state-of-the-art network that is affordable, reliable, and sustainable to bridge the digital divide - for good.



DigitalC’s vision is to change the world one connection at a time by offering superior internet, accessible community space, and tailored digital skills training to ensure an equitable digital future.



One of the greatest tragedies during our nation’s modern history is digital redlining and the exclusionary policies that prevent Black and Brown communities from accessing the tools and technology necessary to fully participate in society.


Founded to bridge the digital divide.

Provided indoor WiFi to the unconnected.

Expanded WiFi coverage, becoming a WISP.

Increased coverage, subscribers, performance.

Deploying citywide network to ensure an equitable digital future.


Our map unveils the stark disparities in broadband access across Cleveland, showcasing a digital divide that mirrors the discriminatory practices of historical redlining in housing and demonstrates the effects of digital redlining. It highlights neighborhoods left in the shadows of the digital age, where the absence of high-speed internet has fueled cycles of inequality and stifled opportunities, serving as a stark reminder of the lasting impacts of systemic discrimination. DigitalC's transformative vision is to 'greenline' Cleveland with a state-of-the-art network, ensuring high-speed internet access for all. Witness our evolution through a phased buildout, illustrated in shades of green, as we stride towards a future where digital equity becomes a reality for every Cleveland resident. 

Citywide Buildout Phases - Greenlined Tracts - no legend
Cleveland - No BB Any Type - 2022 - no legend
Citywide Buildout Phases - Greenlined Tracts - no legend Cleveland - No BB Any Type - 2022 - no legend

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