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No Internet Connection



Experiencing slow internet speeds? Let's speed things up. Follow the troubleshooting tips below to diagnose and enhance your internet performance, ensuring a faster and more reliable connection.


Is the MikroTik device powered on?
(Look for a green or blue light)


Yes   Proceed to the next step.
No    Power on the device.
Are all cables securely connected?


Yes   Proceed to the next step.
No    Securely connect all cables.
Have you tried power-cycling the MikroTik device? You can power-cycle your device by removing the power plug from the wall outlet and replacing it after 30 seconds?


Yes   Proceed to the next step.
No    Power-cycle the device.
Wait 5 minutes after power-cycling. Can you access the internet now?


Yes   Proceed to the next step.
No    Contact DigitalC for assistance.